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Get Your Egg and Bunny Cookie Cutters for Easter Treats

Celebrate spring, rebirth and delicious chocolate with our fantastic variety of Easter cookie cutters, all available online! After all, what kind of Cookie Cutter Shop would we be if we didn’t encourage our customers to make the most of a holiday centred around chocolates and sweets! Use our dazzling array of bunny, egg, carrot, and hen designs to create seasonally-shaped sugar sensations sure to surprise your family and friends.

Create shortbread, chocolate cookies, chocolate coated cookies, or even just homemade easter chocolates in the shape of your choice; just melt down other chocolate and use the cutters as molds! Easter celebrations almost always involve a family gathering, so ensure you’re the envy of yours with easy, delicious and appropriate custom chocolates using our bunny cookie cutters.

Both Christian and secular designs available to suit all Easter gatherings

At Cookie Cutter Shop, we understand that the festival of Easter means very different things to different people. We want everybody to be able to celebrate this amazing holiday in their own way, and with cookie designs that are significant to them. As such, we have a great variety of cross-shaped cookie cutters and other significant Christian designs, great for little holiday gifts or for community events. You can also use them for Easter crafts beyond the kitchen – they make excellent stencils for cake decorations, paper chains, table placeholders, scrapbooking bits and any other creative use you can imagine!

Whether you’re looking for a religious or simply a fun theme for your confections, you’ll be impressed by the sheer variety of cookie cutters available. Not only do we have many different styles of rabbits, egg baskets, chicks and crosses, but there are uniquely inventive designs, such as kid-friendly plastic cookie stamps (great for playdoh cutting too), tiny mini-cutters to use for festive decorations and nibbles, or even a long-armed bunny cookie cutter for soft dough cookies, designed so you can fold the arms over a nut or chocolate egg! When these creative cookie cutters are combined with the incredible ingenuity of our customers, anything becomes possible.

Get more involved with our diverse range of cookie cutter shapes

More animals, religious symbols, and holiday themed biscuit cutters are available in our online catalogue. We offer a low fixed shipping rate of $8.50 to all our customers, or free shipping for orders of more than $79! Get in and stock up your cookie cutter library now!

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