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Diamond Cookie Cutters Set of 3: 3.2, 4.9, 7cm

$8.95 AUD

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Diamond Set of 3 Cookie Cutters

Size: small 3.2cm high x 1.9cm wide,

         medium 4.9cm high x 3.6cm wide

         large 7cm high x 4.7cm wide

Cutter Depth: 1.8cm

Material: Stainless Steel

If your kitchen is a gold mine of sparkling ideas, get digging with our precious diamond cookie cutter set. Your cookies and biscuits will shine bright like diamonds and everyone’ll polish them off in no time. Our cookie cutter set comes with three different sized diamonds, so you can add a sparkle to all your different cakes, bakes and fancy desserts. Just ice in beautiful colours and finish with handfuls of glitter for a dramatic finish.

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