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Carrot Cookie Cutter 11.5cm

$4.95 AUD

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Carrot Cookie Cutter

Size: 3cm wide x 11.5cm tall

Material: Stainless steel

Cutting depth: 2cm

If you carrot all about great baking, you need to get your hands on this carrot cookie cutter! It’ll help you pull up a bunch of tangy orange, carrot cookies that everyone’ll dig! Just top them with delicious, orange-zest buttercream or cinnamon frosting. You can even cut out slices of carrot cake or make yummy, marzipan cut-outs too. They’re an egg-cellent treat for the Easter bunny, as well as for special gardeners who want a yummy vegetable patch of their own. Just plant them in with some corncob, tomato and chilli pepper cookies for an irresistible harvest.