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Caterpillar Cookie Cutter

$3.95 AUD

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Caterpillar Cookie Cutter

Size: 10.9cm long x 4.7cm wide with a cutting depth of 2cm

Material: Stainless Steel

This friendly little caterpillar cookie cutter will have everybody hungry and reaching for more. But rather than turning into a butterfly, this little guy will transform into delicious, buttery cookies that you can decorate with lots of different coloured icings and candy.

He’s hungry too, look what he’s chomped his way through! Make a colourful collection of treats using some of our other cookie cutter shapes, from this nibbled apple to a sweet slice of watermelon.  He doesn’t just like to munch his way through sweet treats, though. Craft cute sandwiches or cut pizza dough into caterpillar shapes for kid-friendly snacks.

Designed in Australia.

Made in China using Australian Stainless Steel. 

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