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Christmas Stocking Debosser & Cookie Cutter

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Christmas Stocking Debosser & Cookie Cutter

  • 1 x Raise It Up / Deboss Acrylic Stamps
  • 1 x Christmas Stocking Stainless Steel Cookie Cutter

Completed Size: 6cm wide x  8.2cm high

Use Instructions
Raise It Up / Debosser Acrylic Stamps
Make sure your fondant raise it up / deboss stamp is clean and dry.  Roll out fondant to approximately 3mm thick (thicker if you prefer). Dust fondant lightly with cornflour or icing sugar, press stamp down and lightly roll with a rolling pin. Lift stamp to reveal the raised design.

You can also use the two tone (or more) fondant method of pressing fondant into the design on the stamp; then gently scraping off the excess.  Placing the stamp on the rolled fondant, lightly rolling with a rolling pin.  Lift the stamp to reveal the raised two tone (multi tone) design.

Stamps can be used with fondant, sugar paste, gum paste, modelling paste, play dough, clay, and more.

Cookie Cutter
Roll out your cookie dough or fondant to the desired thickness. Press the cutter down into the dough or fondant and remove to reveal the shape.