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Easter Cookie Cutter Set of 5

$11.95 AUD

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Easter Cookie Cutter 6-10cm Set of 5

Material: Stainless Steel

Included in set: 
Bunny: 9cm high x 6cm wide
Chick: 6.2cm high x 5.7cm wide
Carrot: 10.3cm high x 2.5cm wide
Egg: 6.4cm high x 4.7cm wide
Butterfly: 6.6cm high x 7.9cm wide

Get everyone egg-cited for Easter with a whole collection of pretty cookies. This incredible set comes complete with a team of Easter pals for all your guests to enjoy.  So cut your cookies, biscuits or cake slices into lots of different shapes, then watch everyone bounce and hop straight to the kitchen to get their little paws on one of your sweet Easter treats. Add lots of dollops and sprinkles to your cuddly bunny and chick, then make your butterfly’s wings sparkle. Then hand everyone a cluster of carrot-cake slices and set them out on an Easter egg cookie hunt!

Cutter depth: 2cm