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Edelweiss Flower Cookie Cutter Stainless Steel

$5.95 AUD

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Edelweiss Flower Cookie Cutter Stainless Steel

Size: 4.5cm tall x 4.5cm wide

Material: Stainless Steel

There’s the sound of music in the air and a spring in our step thanks to this sweet and delicate edelweiss flower cookie cutter. The Alpine air is just a little bit sweeter than most, and this mountain flower is a snowy white wonder. It’s perfect for tea parties, where you can show off your garden of cakes and cookies – a few of our favourite things! Decorate with white, buttercream icing, crystallised sugar and a sprinkle of yellow pollen. Our edelweiss cookie cutter is also great for making cake decorations or you can shape pastry flowers for delicious apple and cherry pie toppings.