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Gift Ribbon Set of 3 Fondant Cutters 8cm

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Gift Ribbon Set of 3 Cookie Cutters

Size: Knot 1.7cm wide x 3cm high

         Loop 2.7cm wide x 6.6cm high

         Ribbon 2cm wide x 6.8cm high

Cutter depth: 1.8cm

Completed bow size: approx 7cm wide x 8cm high

Material: Stainless Steel

It’s a piece of cake (or 3 pieces of cookie to be precise) to make a delicious, homemade ribbon that’ll spruce up any present. Our gift ribbon cookie cutter set comes with three little shapes so you can easily fit together the yummy bits and pieces. There’s the little knot, bow loops and ribbons. Just ties them all together and then decorate in pretty icing and sanding sugar. You can even make pretty fondant bows to adorn your cakes or pastry cut-outs for yummy desserts too!