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Giraffe Cookie Cutter 12cm

$9.95 AUD

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Giraffe Cookie Cutter

Size: 12cm tall x 7cm wide

Material: Sturdy Stainless Steel

Cutting Depth: 1.8cm

With his long neck, our towering giraffe cookie cutter will steal the show. Watch little ones craning their own necks to see when these little guys will be ready. Coat your giraffe cookies and biscuits in yellow icing and decorate with fun chocolate polka-dots. You can even make some whimsical giraffe characters and decorate with rainbow patterns and sugar sprinkles. Pretty pastel coloured giraffe cookies are excellent treats for baby showers, christenings and little birthdays, and sandwiches and toast can be topped with fun cheese and ham slices.

Made in Spain