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Handbag Cookie Cutter Stamper with Ejector

$5.95 AUD

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Handbag Cookie Cutter Plastic Embossed

Size: 5cm tall x 5cm wide with a cutting depth of 1cm

Material: Plastic

It’s in the bag with our easy to use handbag cookie cutter! So you can dream up a collection of gorgeous handbags that every girl will love! It’s embossed with a pretty heart, which you can decorate with icing or sanding sugar for a glam sparkle. Use our cookie cutter to make a mixed bag of treats, from cookies and biscuits to brownies and cake slices. Host a craft day on a rainy afternoon and use our cookie cutter as a stencil to cut out felt handbags and make fashion designer portfolios or doll accessories. Get the cookie look from head to toe with a glam wardrobe of dress, sun hat and shoe cookie cutters.