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Icy Pole With Bite Cookie Cutter 12.5cm

$6.95 AUD

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Icy Pole With Bite Cookie Cutter

Size: 12.5cm tall x 6cm wide

Material: Plastic

Care instructions: This cookie cutter needs to be hand washed only in warm water. NOT dishwasher safe.  This cutter is an exclusive Cookie Cutter Shop cutter made using the latest 3D printer technology in Australia. Made using biodegradable food safe PLA plastic.

This pairs well with the Lemonade flavouring.

Icy Pole, Ice Stick or Ice Pop, no matter what you call it, we can all remember sitting out on the steps and licking our ice creams, trying to stop them from dripping onto our hands and fingers.  Lick, Lick, Lick. The race was on to finish them before they melted away.  If memory serves, these were always eaten with friends or siblings.  Re create this memory with this Icy Pole with a bite cookie cutter.  Using your favourite flavours, whether they be the water based flavours like lemonade, raspberry or lemon, or an ice cream flavour like chocolate, strawberry or banana, recreate these icy poles to share with your friends.