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Kissing Girl & Boy 10cm Cookie Cutter

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Kissing Girl & Boy Cookie Cutter

Size: Boy 10cm tall x 3.5cm wide and Girl 10cm tall x 6cm wide

Material: Stainless Steel

Everyone’ll be smacking their lips when they lay eyes on your scrumptious kissing cookies. This cute boy and girl sharing a little smooch is just picture perfect, and will definitely get a few “awwws” at engagement parties and weddings. So use our adorable cookie cutter to shape delicious treats with an added bit of sweetness, whatever the occasion. Make little Valentine’s Day treats for cute crushes or woo your long time sweetheart. You can even sweeten up cakes and desserts with fondant icing or marzipan decorations that everyone’ll fall in love with.

Made of high grade durable stainless steel these cookie cutters don't have a rolled edge so cookies can be cut out facing either way.

Cutter depth 1.8cm