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Llama Cookie Cutter 10cm

$7.50 AUD

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Llama Cookie Cutter

Size: 10cm tall x 7cm wide

Material: Plastic

Care instructions: this cookie cutter needs to be hand washed only in warm water. NOT dishwasher safe.  This cutter is an exclusive Cookie Cutter Shop cutter made using the latest 3D printer technology in Australia. Made using biodegradable food safe PLA plastic.

Llama pajama party anyone!!  Pack your cookies and your sleeping bag as it's time to P.A.R.T.Y.!  Every sleep over party needs some Llama's in attendance, whether they be your llama pajamas, your llama sheets but most importantly your Llama cookies!  Make you and your friends a herd of these Llama cookies to be devoured as you rock out to your favourite tunes (with your hairbrush of course!) and munch on a llama cookie as your midnight snack. 

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