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Mason Jar Cookie Cutter

$4.95 AUD

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Mason Jar Cookie Cutter

Don’t put a lid on your cookies! Make a whole load with this sweet mason jar cookie cutter and share them out instead. Everyone’ll want to get their hands stuck into your quirky, vintage inspired treats. Our cookie cutter is nice and large, so you can decorate and personalise your sweet jars too! It’s perfect for serving mason jar biscuits with your homemade preserves, and you can even add in some cute little strawberry cookies to get everyone jamming at your next tea party. Decorate with elegant icing for vintage-inspired weddings or get creative and add teenie cookie patterns for a real-life mini cookie jar.

Select your size 8 or 10cm

This cutter is an exclusive Cookie Cutter Shop cutter made using the latest 3D printer technology in Australia.

Made using biodegradable foodsafe PLA plastic.