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Milkshake and Cocktail Cookie Cutter Set 2 Pieces

$10.95 AUD

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Cookie Cutter Set

Milkshake: 10cm high x 5.5cm wide

Cocktail: 10cm high x 6cm wide

Material: Stainless Steel

Cutting Depth: 1.8cm

Depending on your age..... Milkshakes or cocktails make the world a happier place.  This great set of milkshake and cocktail cookie cutters, will please both the adults and children in your lives.  At your next BBQ, make a platter of these to share around.  Chocolate & vanilla flavoured milkshake cookies for the kids and some "adult" flavoured (rum & pina colada) cookie cocktails for the adults.  They will be gulped down in no time at all!