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Cowboy Hat Cookie Cutter 4cm

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Mini Cowboy Hat Cookie Cutter 4cm

Size: 4cm high x 4cm wide

Material: Stainless Steel

There ain't a hat around that's a better fit for some slinkin' cowboys and his honky-tonk chums. So hang onto your hat y'all, and whip up some mighty fine little cowboy treats that they'll all go rodeo-wild for. Decorate with melted chocolate or make some pretty strawberry cowgirl hats. They're perfect for cowboy-themed bashes or sizzling BBQs and you can even nestle them on larger cookies and cupcakes. Make some rocky road desserts with peanut brittle and crushed nuts, then decorate with mini-cowboy marzipan or fondant shapes. Then walk the walk with some mini-cowboy, boots, pistol and cactus cookies.