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Mini Snail Cookie Cutter

$3.95 AUD

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Mini Snail Cookie Cutter

Size: 5cm long

Material: Stainless Steel

This teenie little mini-snail cookie cutter will leave a sugary trail of cookie crumbs around your kitchen. Follow it and you'll find an adorable bunch of snail cookies nestled on people's fingertips. Decorate the shell with tiny spiral swirls and dots then sprinkle with edible dust for a summery shimmer. They're perfect for making bite-sized nibbles or for nestling on larger cookies and cupcakes. You can even make pretty little snails out of marzipan and fondant icing to decorate your desserts with for a whacky garden party treat. Make a whole little garden of pals with our dragonfly, ladybug and caterpillar cookie cutters.

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