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Musical Instruments Cookie Cutter Set 12 Pieces

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Musical Instruments Set of 12 Cookie Cutters

Size: Guitar: 6.4cm high x 2.5cm wide

         trumpet: 6.5cm high x 2.1cm wide

         music stand: 5.2cm high x 3.2cm wide

         conductor: 6.9cm high x 4.2cm wide

         ballerina: 7.5cm high x 2.8cm wide

         harp: 5.5cm high x 3.5cm wide

         piano: 5cm high x 4.9cm wide

         trumpet: 5.3cm high x 2cm wide

         cello: 7.1cm high x 2.6cm wide

         music note: 5.4cm high x 1.3cm wide

         clef note: 6.4cm high x 3.5cm wide

         Saxaphone: 5.5cm high x 3cm wide

Material: Tin Plate

Orchestrate the perfect spread of treats for music lovers and musicians! Our musical instrument cookie cutter set covers all the notes, from chord strumming guitars to smooth and sultry saxophones. So set the tempo at any party with a whole symphony of musical treats that’ll ignite a choir of mmhs and yumms in no time. They’re perfect for making some a-sharp cookies and biscuits as well as some b-major cake decorations with fondant and marzipan shapes.

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