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Musket Cookie Cutter 7.5cm

$6.95 AUD

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Musket Cookie Cutter

Size: 3.5cm tall x 7.5cm wide, with a cutting depth of 2.5cm

Material: Stainless Steel

Out of baking ideas and under fire from the kids? Plan your next attack with a pirate-themed bash. Then take aim with our musket cookie cutter, and fire back a round of delicious treats that’ll bowl everyone overboard. You’ll call the shots every time, so fill your treasure chest with a whole collection of cookies, biscuits or cake decorations. Add some rowdy pirates to your motley crew then set out to explore with our pirate ship cookie cutter. Finish with some sparkling sabre swords and skull and crossbones for a dead tasty surprise.

Quality Birkmann Cookie Cutter