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Nutcracker Cookie Cutter

$12.95 AUD

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Nutcracker Cookie Cutter

Size: 10.3cm tall x 4.6cm wide with a cutting depth of 2.5cm

Material: Stainless Steel

Here’s how to make sure everyone cracks a smile this Christmas. Our special nutcracker cookie cutter is perfect for crafting some whimsical festive treats, and is bound to bring a troop straight to your kitchen door. Made from stainless steel, our cookie cutter will shape out all the intricate details perfectly. So crack on and bake a whole army! All you need to do is dress him in a smart and shiny suit of red, blue or green icing. Add little candy pieces for his buttons and a strip of liquorice for his nutcracker mouth. You can even sprinkle with a handful of crushed nut crumbles to really make him feel at home.

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