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Oak Leaf Cookie Cutter

$4.95 AUD

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Oak Tree Leaf 8cm Cookie Cutter

Size: 8cm tall x 4cm wide

Material: Stainless Steel

They say mighty oaks from little acorns, but the most delicious oaks grow from our cute leaf cookie cutter. Decorate your cookies with yummy mint or lime flavoured icing, perfect for spring or summer tea parties. For autumn treats, make some funky marbled leaves by tinting portions of dough green, red, orange and yellow then kneading them together. Add a seasonal spice with cinnamon, nutmeg and caramel. You can also use our cookie cutter to decorate your pumpkin or apple pies with cute pastry toppers. Make sure to check out our acorn and squirrel cookie cutters, too!

Cutting Depth: 2 cm

Made in Germany

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