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Paw Print Cookie Cutter 6cm

$4.95 AUD

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Paw Print Cookie Cutter

Size: 6cm tall x 5.5cm wide with a cutting depth of 2cm

Material: Stainless Steel

Expect high fives (or fours) all around with our cute, paw print cookie cutter. Whip up some top dog treats with hand sized cookies and biscuits, perfect for dunking into hot chocolate and milk.  The simple cut outline means you can decorate your baked treats however you want, so you can make some jazzy tiger feet, cute kitten prints or puppy love paws. Add lollipop sticks and decorate with large chocolate drops for claws that’ll have you itching for more. Slopped with chocolate spread, these are muddy prints that you won’t mind cleaning up after.

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