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Pear Cookie Cutter 5cm

$3.95 AUD

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Pear Cookie Cutter

Size: 3.5cm wide x 5cm high

Material: Tin Plate

Cutting Depth: 2cm

If things go pear-shaped in the kitchen, well, you’re doing the right thing! Our cookie cutter is one pear shape you’ll love to have around. Decorate your cookie with yummy green icing or mix green, red and yellow coloured dough for a more realistic, mottled finish. Caramel pear or spiced pear oatmeal cookie flavours are a cute match to our cookie cutter. They’re perfect to serve at garden tea parties or even quirky wedding gifts, personalised with names or cute faces for the perfect pair. Use our cookie cutter to add cute pastry toppings to apple, pear and walnut crumbles or create fun shapes in fruit slices.