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Vintage Shape Bunny Cookie Cutter 9.5cm

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Bunny Cookie Cutter

Size: 9.5cm wide x 7cm tall with a cutting depth of 2cm

Material: Stainless Steel

Hoppity-hop, the kids are hungry and they’re about to pounce! Have some deliciously sweet treats lined up and waiting for their little paws with our pouncing bunny cookie cutter. This speedy little fella will help you rustle up a treat in no time. He’s perfect for Easter, along with some yummy little Easter egg cookies and biscuits. You can even make some gorgeous baby shower or christening treats too. Just coat in colourful icing, from purple and pink to orange and yellow, and make a pretty rainbow of prancing dancing bunnies.  Then quick as a rabbit, he can transform into a little mouse with a splash of grey, pink or white icing!

Many of our Easter Embossers fit within this shape

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