Pretzel Linzer Cookie Cutter with Ejector 6cm

Pretzel Linzer Cookie Cutter with Ejector

Size: 6.3cm wide x 4.2cm high

Material: Stainless Steel

Well, shake it up, baby, now, twist and shout! Get your cookie dough dancing in all the right directions with this fabulous pretzel shaped cookie cutter. Add a special twist to the traditional Linzer cookie this year and fold them into some knotty dotty surprises. With these in tow, you’ll have everyone wrapped around your little finger. Try out some chocolate flavoured dough or use a simple sugar cookie recipe then drizzle with icing or sprinkle with sanding sugar for a “salted” pretzel look. You can even crush pretzels (the real kind) on top for a crunchy finish!

Professional quality cutter which is easy to use to make your own two piece Linzer cookies with jam filling.

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