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Reindeer Cookie Cutter with Scarf 10.5cm

$9.95 AUD

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Reindeer Cookie Cutter with Scarf

Size:10.5 cm High x 6.5 cm wide

Material: Stainless Steel

Cutting Depth: 1.8 cm

This beautiful Reindeer has wrapped himself up in a scarf and is enjoying a wonderful winter’s day.  He has his head raised up to the sunshine and his scarf is blowing in the gentle breeze.  Bake up a tray of these relaxed gentlemen to share over a hot cup of chocolate, tea or coffee, as you reminisce with family and friends.  Decorated in royal icing (using your favorite flavorings) with hints of gold glitter, gives this cookie an elegant feel that would not be out of place in any Christmas high tea setting.

There isn't a rolled edge so it can cut shapes out of the dough either way and can also be used for fruit, cheese, clay and other craft projects.

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