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Rocket Cookie Cutter 12cm

$2.50 AUD

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Rocket Cookie Cutter

Size: 12cm tall x 9cm wide

Material: Sturdy Stainless Steel

Cutting Depth: 1.8cm

Thankfully, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to launch some super sweet treats with our easy to use rocket cookie cutter! Just fire up the oven and blast off to cookie paradise. Your rocket treats will speed from plate to mouth with a whoosh. The sky’s the limit with the endless possibilities of flavours, designs and decorations you can choose from, and you might even end up on one of our planet shaped cookies! Make fresh and juicy, space-age fruit pops of rocket shaped watermelon and apples on sticks or layer two rocket biscuits into ice cream sandwiches.

Add our Astronaut Stickies for extra fun and adventures

Made in Spain