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Round Circles Crinkled Cookie Cutter Set 3 Pieces

$7.95 AUD

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Round Circles Crinkled Tin Plate Set of 3 Cookie Cutters

Size: 3, 3.7 & 5cm & cutting depth of 22mm

Material: Tin Plate

Made in Germany

Don't let baking drive you round the bend! Just use our round cookie cutter set instead to add the perfect curve to your cookies and biscuits every time. The set comes with three different sized cookie cutters so you can find the perfect fit. Their edges are crinkled and curved too, so your cookies are never just plain old straight. Just decorate with lots of coloured icing, sprinkles and yummy spreads, and your yummy treats will spin ‘round and ‘round the table until they’re all gone! They’re perfect for shaping pancakes, pastry tarts and crackers too!