Round Cookie Cutters Set of 3 Mini crinkled 3, 3.8, & 5cm

Round Circles Crinkled Mini Set of 3 Cookie Cutters

Size: small 3cm high x 3cm wide,

         medium 3.8cm high x 3.8cm wide

         large 5cm high x 5cm wide

Cutter Depth:1.8cm

Material: Stainless Steel

Shake things up a bit with our round crinkled cookie cutter set! They started off as perfect circles but felt a bit boring. So they added some crinkles to their edges for some extra funk. Our round crinkled set comes with three different sized cookie cutters and is a classic for any baking collection. So whatever you’re making, add some sweet and simple curve to your treats. Just decorate with lots of coloured icing, sprinkles and yummy spreads. Your yummy treats will spin ‘round and ‘round the table until they’re all gone!

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