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Marine Creatures Cookie Cutter Embossed Detail Set of 5

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Marine Creatures Set of 5 Cookie Cutters

Size: turtle 6.5cm high x 5.8cm wide

         octopus 6.6cm high x 6.8cm wide

         fish 4.8cm high x 6.5cm wide

         lobster 6.9cm high x 7.5cm wide

         starfish 7.9cm high x 7.8cm wide

Material: Tin Plate

Set comes in storage tin and includes turtle, star fish, lobster, octopus and fish.

Cause a splash with some fantastic sea creature cookies that’ll blow everyone out of the water! Our marine cookie cutter set comes with five different animals, all floating perfectly in a little storage tin. Our whale cookie cutter is a killer of a treat, and everyone can sink their jaws into your shark cookies and claws into your lobster biscuits. Come out of your shell with some funky turtle treats and flippin’ good fish. And make sure to get all hands on deck when you’re making your little octopus pals – you’ll need them!

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