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Playing Card Cookie Cutter Set

$11.95 AUD

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Set of 4 Cards Cookie Cutters

Size: Heart - 3.9cm wide x 4.2cm high

         Diamond - 4cm wide x 4.8cm high

         Club - 4.4cm wide x 5cm high

         Spade - 3.7cm wide x 4.9cm high

Material: Australian Stainless Steel

We bet you’ll have a full house once everyone hears about your set of playing cards cookies. In fact, we’ll put all our cards on the table and say that your cookies will trump everyone else’s, hands down! So stack the deck with lots of yummy spade, club, heart and diamond cookies for a spread everyone’ll be talking about for ages.  They’re perfect for serious poker games as well as fun game nights at home or even casino-themed parties. Nobody will want to fold once they get a hand of your delicious playing card cookies! 

Cutter Depth: 2cm

They can be used to cut play dough, clay, cookies, sandwiches, fairy bread, fruit, pastry and cheese.

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