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Skier Cookie Cutter 10cm

$6.95 AUD

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Skier Cookie Cutter

Size: 11cm wide x 10cm tall

Material: Plastic.  

Get your mittens on our skier cookie cutter and try out some of your own stunts with mountains of cookie dough and peaks of icing. Decorate with lots of bright colours and top his bobbled hat off with a mini-marshmallow. You can even add fruit laces along his scarf as it sweeps out behind him. Skiers will love a batch, whether they’re tucked into lunchboxes as they set off to the mountains or welcoming them home, straight out of the oven. Make sure they’re kitted out with a sweet set of skis and poles as well as some gloves and boots!

Care instructions: Hand wash only in warm water.  NOT dishwasher safe.  Made in Australia.

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