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Snowman with Broom Cookie Cutter 7cm

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Snowman with Broom Cookie Cutter

Size: 7cm tall x 4.5cm wide

Material: Tin Plate

He might not be much use if the snow blocks your driveway, but this little snowman cookie cutter looks mighty cute with his broom. There’s bound to be a snowball effect when your frosty cookies come to town, as everyone will want to get their mittens on one. Decorate your snowman cookies, biscuits and brownies with creamy white icing, crystal sugar sprinkles or fluffy marshmallows. Add a chocolate button nose and plait a chewy scarf of strawberry and liquorice laces. For a special crunch, you can add a mini candy cane in his hands instead of a broom!

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Cookie Art by JoJo's Treathouse