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Star Cookie Cutter 9cm 6 point

$7.95 AUD

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Star Cookie Cutter 9cm 6 point

Size: 9cm tall x 8cm wide

Material: Stainless Steel

Reach for the stars, or just the cookie cutter drawer, and bake a sky full of cookie stars - just like dreams are made of! Decorate your cookies and biscuits with a dazzle of icing and coloured sprinkles. For a Christmas table piece, use different sized star cutters and stack your cookies on top of each other at different angles to make a little Christmas tree. Our cookie cutter is also perfect for topping cherry berry pies with star quality or transforming sandwiches and fruit slices into the stars of the table. You can also cut out lemon slices and pop into drinks or top hot chocolate with fluffy star marshmallows, too!

Cutter depth: 2.5cm

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