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Toadstool Cookie Cutter with Embossed Detail 5cm

$8.95 AUD

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Toadstool Cookie Cutter with Embossed Detail

Size: 5 cm Tall x 4.3cm wide, with a cutting depth of 2cm

Material: Stainless Steel

Fill your kitchen with pixie charm and elf lullabies with our magical toadstool cookie cutter.  Just crack the yolk and bake some sweet little treats for faerie folk! Decorate with yummy red icing or fruit jams then add dollops of white chocolate along the embossed spots. You can even turn up the magic and try a rainbow collection in pinks, blues, purples and coloured sprinkles. Dream up a mysterious, storybook forest with sparkling fairies and gnomes, for an enchanting finish.

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