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Trombone Cookie Cutter

$5.95 AUD

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Trombone 9cm Cookie Cutter

Size: 9cm tall x 4.5cm wide

Material: Stainless Steel

Don’t let tricky baking rain on your parade! Strike up the band with our trombone cookie cutter instead and you’ll bake some treats as slick as a whistle in no time. They’re guaranteed to strike a chord with music lovers, instrument players and marching band enthusiasts. Decorate your trombone cookies in gold icing then cover with sanding sugar for a sparkling finish. Make trombone fondant shapes to top cakes or make the party sing with musical sandwiches, pancakes, pizza bites and fruit slices. Add in a few music and clef notes for a fine-tuned collection of treats.

Cutter depth: 2cm