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Wedding Cake Cookie Cutter with Embossed Detail 6.5cm

$6.95 AUD

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Wedding Cake Cookie Cutter with Embossed Detail

Size: 6.5cm tall x 5.6cm wide

Material: Stainless Steel

From this day forward, you won’t be able to stand being apart from this baking tool. No matter which way you slice it, our wedding cake cookie cutter will steal all the guests’ hearts. Lovingly adorned with careful details, it comes complete with four tiers and topped with a precious heart. So you can easily create beautiful wedding cookies, biscuits and cakes for the big day, or those many celebrations leading up to it. For a true-love match just add swirls of white icing and buttercream. Pipe pretty little flower petals in rose and lilac for a romantic finish, then adorn with silver dusts for an elegant shimmer.

Cutting depth of 2.5cm

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