Vintage Style Choc Topped Cookies

Posted on December 03, 2016 by Lisa Moulden | 0 Comments

Vintage chocolate topped butter Christmas cookies.


Ever since I saw this little set including the cutter, chocolate moulds and recipe I have been wanting to make these cookies.  They come in a tea time set as well as the Christmas set that we used.  

Cookie Cutter Shop Christmas Petite Poesie Set Cutter and vintage style chocolate moulds

I used the recipe in the little booklet that comes in the set to make spiced vanilla cookies.  It makes a small batch of dough, just enough to make 12 little biscuits.  You could double it if you wish but this amount was perfect for me as it fitted into my chopping attachment on my stick blender.  It worked perfectly for mixing up this dough when I didn't have softened butter to use.  A small food processor would work the same way.  The other thing I did differently to the recipe was that I rolled my dough out right away between two sheets of baking paper then refrigerated rather than refrigerate, roll and refrigerate again.  I refrigerated for about an hour.

Rolling out butter cookie dough cookie cutter shop australiaFilling up the chocolate moulds with delicious white chocolateVintage crinked rectangle cookies made using the petite poesie Christmas set

I melted white chocolate first, 50 grams, and poured it into the moulds and then into the fridge to set while I made the dough.  Then while the biscuits cooked I melted 50 grams of dark chocolate and these set in the fridge.  I do need to practice this step as I found some air bubbles inside the moulds when I removed the chocolates.  I still think they look pretty cute!  What do think?  I know they do taste pretty nice!

 Vintage chocolate topped cookies Cookie Cutter Shop Australia

My little helper enjoyed licking the bowl after melting the chocolate also.  One of the bonuses of home cooking!

Cookie Cutter Shop Australia

You can check out this Christmas butter cookie and chocolate mould set in our online store here.


Happy baking!




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